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Craig A. Shelley
The Author 


About This Site

      This site has been created to encourage the exchange of research and to stimulate discussion and understanding of the history, places of residence, and genealogical data for those with a genealogical connection with Craig Shelley. It is a not-for-profit site that may be expanded in scope depending on the whims of its author. It was first published on October 26th, 2002.

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      We are interested in exchanging and sharing genealogical and historical research on the topics, places, and people listed at this web site. Please feel free to contact the author, Craig Shelley, at craig@myancestry.org. To contact the web site designer, please contact Paul Shelley at paul.d.shelley@gmail.com.

About The Author

      Craig Shelley is a retired organic chemist. He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Arizona State University in 1978. Later, he worked for Eastman Kodak Company in its research labs, continuing his interest in spectroscopy, chemistry and computing. In the late eighties, he founded SoftShell International, a chemistry software company. He programmed the first release of the successful programs to draw chemical structures, ChemWindow and ChemIntosh. After selling SoftShell to Bio-Rad Laboratories in 1996, Craig retired in 1999 and renewed a number of past interests. One of these was art but the passion developed at this site is family history. Before, during, and after a few trips to England and the Netherlands, he has researched, read, and written about his family history. Most recently, with his father, mother, and daughter, he has assembled a book and CD on the topic. You may contact him at craig@myancestry.org.

About The Designer

      Paul Shelley is a senior at Grand Junction High School with a lot of interests. One interest is programming and more particularly, web site construction. He also enjoys the out doors, and more particulary working on and offroading his Jeep. For more about Paul and his interests we suggest you explore his web site at pdShelley.com.

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